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Peace & Pages

Reading and Relaxation right to your door.

Peace & Pages celebrates reading and supports small US businesses in every box.


1. Check Out the Options

Choose from our Basic, Deluxe, and product-only box.  Decide on monthly or bi-monthly frequency and then let us know what kind of books you love.

Not looking for a subscription?  Check out our "One-Time Buys" tab for specialty gift boxes that are available to ship the next business day.

2. Subscribe & Hold Tight!

So you've picked your subscription!  Yaasss! Now we will match one of your favorite genres to a positively-reviewed book in our inventory and pack it with awesome full-sized products specially chosen for bookworms and relaxation lovers.   Subscription boxes ship the beginning of each month.

3. Unbox & Unwind

Open up your box and enjoy your book and new favorite peace-inspiring products.  Take a photo and tag @peaceandpagesbox on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win something special from us!

Subscribing is easy!

Choose the "Get Started" button below to sign up and receive our next box.  Each month, we open up a limited number of spots for new subscribers to receive the next months box.  (Ex:  New orders in May will receive June's box first)

Still gathering info?  Check out the FAQ below for some common Q&A!


What kind of book will I receive?

You can expect to receive a positively reviewed book that comes from at least one genre that you have selected.  Books are bought in unread, perfect or near-perfect condition.  Your read will be personally chosen, but random each month.  For example, both you and your bestie can receive the Peace & Pages subscription box in September and each acquire a different fiction book (now you can share!)

Genres include:  Contemporary Fiction, Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction, Classics, True Crime, Christian Fiction, Non-Fiction: History, Biography, Chick Lit, Horror, and Young Adult Fiction.

There's a black dot on the edge of my book.  What's the deal?

Peace & Pages often purchases from publisher overstock and these books sometimes have a "remainder mark" which is a dot or dash on the page edges.  We also refer to these books with remainder marks or slight wear at the edges as "like new."  It is still a new, unread paperback book.  Purchasing books this way helps keep our box affordable, allows a wide variety of book inventory, and keeps existing books in circulation which is good for our environment!

What kind of items will I receive?

One of the things that makes Peace & Pages so special is that the products come from small businesses.  Each item is hand-picked for its quality and character-we especially love natural and handmade pieces.  We curate our box with those who love to read and relax in mind and offer different options:  The Basic box contains a paperback book, a full-sized bath product and a full-sized aromatherapy product.  The Deluxe box includes a paperback book, a full-sized bath product, a full-sized aromatherapy product, a book accessory/gift and a snack or drink.   Just the Peace, Please includes all the Deluxe items without the book.  Note: serving sizes on food and drink items will vary.

What do you mean by "full-sized" items?

There are lots of options for subscription boxes these days, many of which include product samples.  Peace & Pages subscription boxes sends out “full-sized” items. For example: if you are receiving a candle it would be a regular 4 oz or larger candle, not the 2 oz sample size.  

What kind of shipping charge should I expect?

 We charge a flat fee of $6.99 to cover shipping expenses.  Peace & Pages will cover the remainder of the shipping cost.

When will my box ship? 

Boxes will be shipped the first week of each month.  We accept new subscribers for each box during the prior month leading up to shipping.  For example, in December we accept orders for the January box (ships the first week in January), and in January we accept orders for the February box (ships the first week of February.) 

What if I have a question or need to make an account change?

Many things you are able to edit when you log into your account.  This includes skipping a month's box or cancelling your subscription.  You can also contact us for these things and we will be happy to assist you. If you'd like to change your preferred genres you may do so by emailing us at